BOBSA Beauty Launches The “Circle the Wagons 50” Business Series

BOBSA @ Bronner Brothers Show Business Series

BOBSA @ Bronner Brothers Show Business Series

BOBSA Organization  invites you for an evening of fun as they  launch the “BOBSA Circle the Wagons (50)” Business Series.

BOBSA is an organization that CONNECTS THE BLACK DOTS between professionals and enterprises in the hair care and cosmetics industries. The event will be held at the upcoming BRONNER BROTHERS SHOW in Atlanta, GA on August 17-20. Email for  information and registration.


Lily Lolo Spring Sale!


Violet beauty is huge on the catwalk for this season – you only have to look in the pages of Vogue and the other magazines to see how big violets are.

Looking fresh and flawless in violets with Lily Lolo is easy; the silky soft makeup range gives great coverage and a flawless finish.

Here’s how to get our Spring look yourselves.

Apply your foundation with your kabuki brush or flocked sponge, for the most flawless finish and add concealer where necessary. Complete the look with a dusting of our gorgeous Translucent Silk, $22.00 which gives a lovely dewy glow to the skin.

To create the lovely smoky violet eyes, use a base color of Parma Violet, $12.00 wash the color over the eyelids with the Pure Sable Brush, $9.00 and then apply Deep Purple, $12.00 blending the two colors together.

The khaki eyeliner, $16.00 creates a perfect and striking combination – use it to line the upper and lower lids before applying your mascara.

Use a complementary cheek and lip color, we’ve used Ooh La La, $18.88 and Bubblegum Pink, $15.98 on this look.

To Order Visit or call 1-866-782-4664

Red Carpet Salon Night Out Events

Red Carpet Salon Events is a beauty and barber’s dream come true.   Finally, you can showcase your work for free, meet new people and see what’s new - all in a fun-filled atmosphere.   Get some free stuff, sip on drinks and socialize while seeing what’s new.  Come and party with  Red Carpet Salon Events. At Red Carpet Salon Events, You’re always on the guest list.

E.a. Nails’s Photos – Nails Art

I came across this on Facebook and I liked it so here it is:


Don’t Miss The BB Couture 4th Of July Sale!


The Well-Heeled Society Reviews BB Couture


There’s a lot to be said about patience. For me, sitting still long enough to apply base coat, two layers of nail polish AND a top coat is is equivalent to – well – watching paint dry.

Enter BB Couture Nail Polish, which offers exclusive, all-inclusive 4 in 1 formula polish that’s fast-drying AND has built-in basecoat, strengtheners and topcoat. But those are not the best benefits: the line has no Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP, eliminating the health risks associated with most polish. 

BB Couture Nail Polish

 BB Couture Nail Polish

So I have been putting the Tropical Sunset shade through a pedi test for the past ten days. I must say I am impressed with the wearability. The vibrant hue – which is like a deep coral against my skin – definitely got me through this past monsoon of a weekend. And only a touch-up was needed, thanks to me alternating between summer sandals and work pumps. I am impressed by the assorted shades found within the Brights Collection (but I’m sure Twilight fans will fiend for the Vampire Bite, found in the Darks Collection!

But make sure you check out their collection of new colors, which has some of the most intense shades for the summer (Venom, anyone?). Personally, I tend to gravitate towards the pinks and corals, so I will be switching up to Love Drunk this weekend.

Waterless Pedicure: A Greener, Safer Way To Go

I came across this blog today and wanted to share the suggestion and the questions and answers from Precision Nails. I really like the idea. I have never been offered a Waterless Pedicure but I would like to have the experience. I wonder how many nail technicians would think this is a good idea. I hope that you will comment on this subject. I would be interested in the feedback and if clients are open to such and idea. 

Why waterless? Eliminating the water eliminates: • the expense of a footspa, including maintenance and parts; • the space required to install it; • the expense of plumbing, including labor and permits; • 12- 15 gallons of water each pedicure; • the expense of water and sewage fees; • the risks associated with water-borne bacteria; • the time to clean a footspa, or any other container; • the labor involved in cleaning; • the expense and disposal of disinfection products; and • the need for a pedicure-equipment cleaning log. After considering all the benefits of waterless pedicures, I can’t imagine doing it any other way, but the choice is yours.